Beneath the Meccan Skyline

In solitude on the eve 
of the ring of fire
beneath the Meccan skyline
of a starry studded night
canopying concrete skapers
co created by bedouin crusaders
financing BIG bulldozers
contracting minced mountains
crumbled cosmic dust
i collect sacred sand and shattered stars 
to recollect land
to listen to laments 
of pebbles and paupers
an Arabian Nightmare 
Alladin’s Agrabah 
Nimrod’s Nargis
it is what it is
i connect to essence
dry tears drizzle 
to water razed history
now in abyss
a disastrous mystery
dubbed as conspiracy 
by cookie thieves
and desert pirates 
I chose silence 

my meditation
a book 
my heart’s pages turn 
no rosary or recitals
of scriptures and tradition
no desire to mingle and tango
with Makkans or Ladens 
whose bloodied hands 
and soiled feet
form carbon footprints
beneath Ismail’s feet
Hajar questions 
the voiceless elite? 

solitude evades time and space
an awareness
where past became present
all future is now 
tears of transcendence 
trickled my heart’s terrace
as i remembered to return
to the essential self
and recall the journey 
to reclaim our reality
our birthright a spiritual legacy 
a sacrelageous soul travel 
while Meccan Revelations unravel 
realm to realm
layers of consciousness 
piercing through history 
the I made privy
as ash to antimony
Moses’s testimony 
An Abrahamic irony 

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