Archive | November 2020

Assuming Parched Land

Indeed she is a mirage
did you return
assuming parched land
water appeared where thirst 
desired to quench itself
mirage or river
ocean or sea
this mirage became 
everything to your mind’s fantasy 

Your Past No More

Your past no more 
this door you came to
none but Love
healed your past 
karmic and cosmic
energetic and psychic
Love cradled you 
light and shadows 
you broke to heal
too real 
this mirroring love
you assumed as destiny
resigned itself to detached immunity
your essence shines
from death to life
a new name 
anointed your being 
a new door 
a new love 
embracing love
wholly you
where you alone remained 
alone with the alone 

I am You

Love said
I am you
reappearing in different forms
resist me is resisting yourself
this is all a game
a grand mirage
what you see today is you
yesterday no more
I am today— you 
you are today— me
I am you
there is only one reality

The Hidden Master

The hidden Master
Like the moon 
unveils herself occasionally 
watching over you
sight limited
The hidden Master
Like the Sun
gives you light
absorbing like the moon 
be not afraid of her light
forget not source
we are simply reflection
refracting light
as moons

Oceanic Exchange

as I walked into my heart
I was greeted by the ocean
to sit by her shores
and listen attentively 
to secrets within silence
heart privy to ocean breath
I inhaled 
while she exhaled 
vapor and mist
musk and ambergris 
oceanic exchange
eternally in breath