Archive | November 2020

Slow Down

When my thoughts 
raced faster than this heartbeat
and breath vanished into thin air
It was time to slow down 

Seeking the Real

we are seeking the Real
form and matter
only matter matters
this diversity when stripped of form 
brought us to unity 
a unified reality 

In Your City

In your city
I roamed 
saturated in your presence
In hope of your appearance
that unveiling 
to catch a glimpse of your glance 
that secret stare
for that alone
I roam 

Fatimid Light

The sea has split
all that was hidden
now evident as light
the further I run
the faster they come
unable to hide 
a reality resides
this storm subsides
authority granted 
Ya Sada was chanted 
to alleviate this plight
on the eve of last night
delegate to disseminate 
through this Fatimid light 

Articulation Useless

A heart like yours
leaves me speechless 
articulation useless
as words and sound
could never do justice
this awe best left 
to dwell within 
a heart like mine