Archive | December 2020

If Art and Artist Existed Not

I create art

that creates enemies

those hiding in the grass

come forth and expose their enmity

what was more important

your opinion and judgement

or a loyal friend

for an image created through imagination

that you failed to grasp

because you really don’t know

the heart of the artist anyway

you chose judgement instead

in your claim for art appreciation

yet failed to understand the essence;

all is subjective

so judge not what you know not

leaving a friendship that saved you

from drowning and falling off

that London Bridge into the sea of misery

she held your hand from that calamity

how ironic

since friendship mattered not

and we forgot the past

because now we know how to stand

art became a means to split seas

so you left

I thank art to allow hearts to see

what normally would be hidden

if art and artist existed not.

Descent From Ascent

Joining of the Two A V A T A R S

The merging of the two seas

Descent from Ascent

Emergence from the veil

Prophet Jesus Isa & Al Mahdi

A Yin Yang Manifestation

A Solar Lunar Eclipse

We celebrate the day you were born

The day you were raised

The day you shall return

Shams And Rumi Within You

I kiss the ground upon which you whirl

I seek the sky upon which you gaze

you are both visible and invisible

Shams and Rumi within you

conjoining the sun and moon

you shine luminously

I bow to your light

Emotion is All

Pen the nostalgia

emotion can be captured

in order to extract the


emotion is not to be wasted


for the mystic

emotion is all

it is Haal

being aware allows


if we listen

that is

to our heart

unless we

silence ourselves

how then shall we


how then shall we


When You Speak

When you speak

I hear consciousness

Some places remind you of places

places you’ve never visited

yet visited in the world of spirit

Some people remind you of souls

souls whom you’ve never met before

yet visited in the world of spirit

Guised as Seeker

when the sought

understood the reality

of the seeker

as the teacher

then what more was there

to teach to the teacher

guised as a seeker