Let This Love Seize Us

A door within a door

the guide you annihilated in

assuming your life was zero

without him

sent you here

as your term was near

to complete your training

so to be shifted to

women who shift

the shift

no permission they had

to overlap

teaching what they

were not taught

as not all matters were

meant to be taught

by men to women

without permission

so here you are

to relearn

the path

of the inner heart

In your presence

a command came to


in submission

to the Fatimi light


from you.

how and when

did we assume

we may arrive

at the father

by dismissing

his daughter

a Queen


of heaven and earth



to whom he rose for

morning and nightfall

setting royal protocol

to one and for all

all claims otherwise

mere conjecture

pure lies

oh mother your sighs

without submission

all seeking;


praising royalty

we forgot nobility

what an atrocity

the audacity

crimes of humanity

accepting mediocrity

in lieu of Aal Hashimi

the she is him

the him is she

no duality

she brings us to unity

I submit in totality

to my Fatimi

her progeny; stars

for every Avatar

traversing Venus and Mars

for every son of Haydar

to the daughters of Kedar

pre Adamic and post Jesus

let this love seize us

let this love seize us

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