This Worship less Worship

this ritualism

to the T

lead you to worship

the worship

in lieu of the

Most Worshipped

a worship-less worship

mechanical wayfaring

this was not the point.

addicted to rosary

until insanity arrived

hollow hymns

fill the cosmos

as helium to hot air

heart wanders

to repetitive mentions


breathless rhythms

mindless mantras

as I persists

psychosis subsists

soul seeks presence

we are brought back to


to be reminded of


in our worship less


letting go of attached



celestial garbs

realization dawns

at predawn

when we awaken

to insomnia

remembering the Beloved

by means of a beloved

we draw near.

we seek pardon

from our self

through our self.

breaking away from

repetitive rituals

I dared my soul

to detach

choosing blame

as The Way

straying from

hyper religiosity

we danced to

transgressive spirituality

in order to cloak

a supposed reality

of dependency to form

apparels and shawls

soul shackling


as if the point of

of all this was to call

towards oneself

as a retribution

to our salvation

all these


dissect the norm

deconstruct to dissolve

so to divert attention

by triggering

mass confusion

to filter

only the Real

after the storm

through this worship-less


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