Your Guest Has Arrived

arriving in your presence

by the will of your presence

I am present

I know not how to stay present

in your presence

every distraction, a refraction

of your being

you whose presence is present

in all presence

this one pointed presence

an arduous task

for the one in your presence

all present reflect your presence

I’ve lost track of your presence

everywhere you!

very glance you!


lost in confusion

a life uttering your name

yet not knowing you

how ironic?

Your guest has arrived

not by her will

or even desire

who invited who

why do you seek the presence

of the one who lacks presence

in your very presence

unaware of who is who

please clarify

every gaze you

every voice you

all you

you seeking you

I wonder why your presence

presents its presence





you appear

to distracted hearts

yearning your presence

through your presence

through all presence

your reality ever present

all in existence by virtue of you

a desire to know your essence

so to access true presence

through your names

teach me you

teach me your names

through your very presence

or these ghazals sung by your


infuse on my tongue words

drenched in ecstatic praise

like the qawwals of Hind

inscribe on my heart

the qasaids sung by your lovers

who long for you

a sip of the ilahis

I wouldn’t mind

anything from you

would do

a drop of your blood transfused

to this absentee

would revive her dead heart

a sip from Fatima’s Kausar

would revive this barren soul

in desperation I’ll take anything

from my Leigh lord

the cause of creation

Ya Sahib al Miraj

Ya Khaba Khawsain

all my words a facade

a grand mirage

an attempt to love

the Most Beloved.

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