Desiring a Child

that child

a trust

pure in spirit

soiled by you

your ignorance

scarred him when

you scared him at two

since you were not healed

far from it

desiring a child

to fulfil your dreams

so to carry on with your

abandoned ways

you shattered his dreams

his large eyes


his smile a crescent

now tainted and frowned

he the world as perfect

God was love

where imagination

was real

all was possible

until you infiltrated

his garden and watered it with a projected world

of impossibilities

conditioned constructs

of how to be

and how not

you suppressed his right

of how to live free

now a young man

who imagined love would hold him in her arms

while he gazed in her eyes

but you fed him false tales

of mind not heart

he struggles to walk

he wanders in circles

loveless and lonely

afraid to take a leap into the deep

as fear has crippled him

clipped his wings

he would look at the sky

his gaze transfixed to the ground

brimming with tears

of limiting fears

the world is dark

for this child

who only knew

light upon light

as you carry on with

your smiles

and professed knowings

of truthful lies

to the world

as a keeper of wisdom

your lies germinate

into generations

you shattered every dream

of this innocent child

who seeks freedom

he is broken and cries

seeking his inner child

thanks to you.

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