Bhudda in Arabia

we met Bhudda in Arabia

amidst desert ruins

he traveled with us to Ganges

so to distribute gifts from the Hijaz

accompanied by Jilani’s daughter

we gave all we had

an order came to climb

Mount Shakti

surpassing pilgrims

we ascended to her peak

faster than lightening

we arrived

a Red Sea summoned us

to swim with dolphins

an ageless monk

looked my way

filling these eyes

she uttered Jesus

swim till you drown

annihilation a must

a great ship arrived

hauling us on board

upon it twelve avatars

the nobles of Arabia

to whom we bowed

basking in their light

we boarded a disc

resembling a full moon

desiring the golden dome

mirroring the sun’s glory

eyes downcast, we descended

to kiss his munificent feet

frozen in time-embedded in stone

we journeyed outward

to intergalactic worlds

these parallel dimensions

we flew with those who

bask in light – day and night

immersed in the most

illuminated being

a queen of Sirius unveiled herself

knowing none but sound

she played like none

we travelled onwards

with a caravan

drunk in ecstatic love

we arrived

a desolate planet

echoed our hymns

as we sung poetic offerings

I recalled Saturn

we rushed to her river

sipping love’s drink

in ruby studded goblets

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