Archive | May 2021

Khidr to Moses

woolen socks

she asked what is real

green shawl

she asked how true

this claim

Socrates revealed

ask and you shall receive

I know I know

she replied

the very first step

I know not

the other said

as Khidr to Moses

we take heed


I am aware of how these Pirs will operate in the most subtle ways

Wrapped in green shawls

Unveiling an ankle

As if no one would notice

drunk in yourself

remember I am a mirage

I show you you

you became love struck

seeing you

It’s all you

who’s fault is this


you came pretending

I see through this pretense

a master arrived

pretending to be otherwise

Two Weighty Matters

seek not Muhammad

seal of all prophets

and avatars

through books and dreams

lengthy prayers and deeds

chasing cloaks and bearded men

seek him through us

his living progeny

two weighty matters

a pinch of salt

ignored to be deleted

in cannons of bigotry


Monotheism She Professed


she professed

love arrived to contaminate

her heart

every passerby, guest, stranger

her heart’s love

idols adorned

love whispered

this is


That Wicked Smile


Those smiling eyes

That wicked smile

I see more than a swami

A light being

So radiant

Heaven’s breath

She steals my heart

I would do anything for

a lifetime companionship

With this one

Journeying the path of divine

Those layered shawls

A mystic I know

From that realm

Where loyal souls

Were one

Meeting Light

Some believed without proof

Through their inner eye

That did not lie

Upon first sight

When meeting light

While others needed proof