Archive | May 2021

I Asked Love to Kill Me

I’ve never met anyone

more cruel than love herself

I’ve filed a complaint many a time

All she did was send more thieves

Every theif who knocked

I consented entry like a fool

Then the greatest of all thieves

barged in

Love herself

Unaware who was who

I asked her to kill me

So she did

As I too killed her


We died



Death be upon us

All prayed

Lamenting our dissolution

No trace of I

The horn blew

From death to life

We arrived

As not two but one


Ya Muhammad Ya Buddha

the young prince

turned ascetic


to renunciation

I raise my hand

signaling back to thee

fana in Ahmad

is all I see

not him but him

effaced in this light

he teaches us


through this Nur

ya Buddha