Master of Time

up until the master


I was clueless of time

anything linear

was oblivious

alien to me

so much so

my very age

ageless I am

naive if you may

but after the master

unveiled Al Asr

all has changed

my life ticks to tocks

oh master of time

your deputy arrived

I can longer sleep

in peace

I secretly weep

this journey an urgency

every moment

I kneel to vicegerency

to be totally knighted

to be ignited

a calling homewards

I empty my belongings

I pack my bags

I give what I saved

to those of the Way


light workers

for this great escape

we appoint and delegate

tasks to Women of the Gate

who embody Labbaik

to prepare for the ocean

the journey home

this detachment to all

my heart is cold


no one matters


you’ve become my life force

I upon on your ark

the sea my breath

Safinatul Najaat

oh Master of Time

rescueate me

breathe into me

the Holy Breath


Oh ruhullah

revive me

seize me

captivate me

anoint me

save me from me

appointed you are

to bring dead to life

help us

accept us

take us


Khalfatul Asr

you appear

in an oceanic robe

clouds resemble your turban

your luminous visage

imprints my heart

in this remembrance

those early years

your presence

prior to this awakening

your breath

a secret untold

enough to unfold

a chain of gold

silsilatul dahab

Rida’s essence

the reality of my


I reflect deeper

secrecy my path

I cannot withhold longer

do we remember


in Hayder’s House of birth

those unknown souls

we sat as one

a house of old

a counsel to none

in the presence of The One

where all was known

where all was shown

ancient tablets witness

sublime sweetness

this meeting a blessing

to those few some

the time has come


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