All my life

I spent supposedly loving you

All my life it was always HU

I spent my youth seeking you

I spent my life covering faults

loving underdogs

Serving every wayfarer

That crossed my path

For you, Oh Hu

All my life

I planned and plotted

A love Revolution

Passionately I devoted

Every faculty and limb

For love’s way

I desired to be a Saaqi

So I poured and poured

From the eternal ocean

Of your very Friends

To seekers with empty cups

How foolish

I assumed this love was reciprocal

The love of your beloved

And his family

I’ve given all I have

My body


All that I own

And supposedly possess

Every breath you

Hosh Dar Dam

My flesh and offspring

All wasn’t enough


I suppose

All in your service

Every step you

The path you

I seek their footprints

I sought her feet

To be lead to you

Nazar Bar Qadam

Nothing remains

I am house poor

Alas a pauper

My garments torn

Banished from my assumed home

I seek to return to my real home

Safar Dar Watan

Last night the angel of death

Arrived at my bedside

He asked me

About me

I knew not what to utter

As I’ve lost myself in you

So silence became my speech

Tell me why

Why did you unveil

My secret

That what you knew

covered and clothed

I am bare

Tell me why

For truth to manifest

Or for my final death

How delusional was my darkened


Assuming this love was reciprocal

You’ve uncovered all

To eyes and hearts

Exposed me like none

Where all that I hid

Now in plain sight

I am convinced

That this love is one way

I was simply swimming in

Shallow waters

Seeking eternal

Seeking you

You banished me

Seeking your beloveds

Is this the reward

For loving you?

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