Sandals of Truth

this sudden urgency

to return home

to be cognizant

of time

to do



to own bare essentials

to transition

into a wanderer

cloaked formless

I escape


to leave all

so to submit

to the highest calling

mediocrity so aversive

safety a lie I live

all seems futile

this unquenched desire

to leave comfort

for caves and dunes

starry nights

moon gazing

a Yazd calling

symbolic to return

slaying all but you

so to die in a desolate


parched lips

thirsty and panting

in search of home

more sweet

than cherried cocktails

buffets in Arabian palaces

lounging in silken threads

pampered by ghilmans

men of stone

I prefer raw linen

a shawl

sandals of truth

I prefer berries and rivers

to meals and a mattress

this longing to return

is not leaving

until I leave

this is your fault


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