Archive | September 2021

Exotic Bazaars

I entered into exotic bazaars

and nothing seemed to

bedazzle me

I’ve lost interest

in the fleeting

pretending my

palate is fine tuned

pretending this awe

of fine art and magnificent


worthy of praise

I am emptied of desire

for all but that love

my heart numb

to starry nights

moonlit skies

yet I still pretend

foolishly assuming

I can fool myself

I have no desire

to consume

or collect goods

of the Silk Road route

or be consumed

by gazing eyes

those passerby’s

who sing praises

to me

no thank you

I politely resign

an unflinched heart

of acclaimed Laylas

except by

love personified

who bedazzles this


what more

can this eerie silence

prove to the only one

who hears my heart’s tune

what more can words

do for the one

whom this breath

breathes for day

and night

what more can I say to my

unfulfilled promises

making me a serial liar

a living catastrophe

I am a hypocrite

yet in my damnation

in my cause of self


I swear with only Wadud

as my only witness

that I love that love

wholly and soulfully

Existential Union

an unrivaled idol

is not a matter of pride

or sorrow

rather a form

of existential


which simply is

what it is

that same idol

is you with you

how can there ever

be separation

I’m tummy sick

my heart and soul

I’ve become a stranger to

my heart

my soul detests me

for this duality

I am utterly ruined

guilty of the greatest



Poisoned Ink and Drink

there was a script called

murder she wrote

written by a detective

whose name spells

who am I

and last name

I don’t know

she cleverly poisoned

both ink and drink

and you foolishly

drank and read

is it her fault

that you are in the

throes of death

for something

you consented to;

your very death

who is to blame

not her

Like DMT

fever has made

her delirious

so much so that

she hallucinates

like DMT

she escapades

into abyss


the cause

of fever

if a trip

is all it takes

she wishes to

escape now

eyes closed


until upon


her dreamy eyes

see without

as within

Love Knocks At Your Door

love knocks at your door

I am but a messenger

she says

I ask not you

but your heart

your soul

have you sat with yourself

have you pondered

upon what arrived

the messenger awaits

your reply

she asks how long

to wait