Exotic Bazaars

I entered into exotic bazaars

and nothing seemed to

bedazzle me

I’ve lost interest

in the fleeting

pretending my

palate is fine tuned

pretending this awe

of fine art and magnificent


worthy of praise

I am emptied of desire

for all but that love

my heart numb

to starry nights

moonlit skies

yet I still pretend

foolishly assuming

I can fool myself

I have no desire

to consume

or collect goods

of the Silk Road route

or be consumed

by gazing eyes

those passerby’s

who sing praises

to me

no thank you

I politely resign

an unflinched heart

of acclaimed Laylas

except by

love personified

who bedazzles this


what more

can this eerie silence

prove to the only one

who hears my heart’s tune

what more can words

do for the one

whom this breath

breathes for day

and night

what more can I say to my

unfulfilled promises

making me a serial liar

a living catastrophe

I am a hypocrite

yet in my damnation

in my cause of self


I swear with only Wadud

as my only witness

that I love that love

wholly and soulfully

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