I Am Sent by The Sun

I know you’re confused


is it my fault to exist?

the pain is real

my heart bleeds

I have tears

I am not

a ruthless desert

or an unfair sea

I am sent by the sun

who’s light you see

the wind knows me

as do the stars

I am a confidante

of the moon

she loves us too

I am a layla’s layla

or nothing

if that helps

the truth is I am no one

I do not know Asma or Alicia

Rumi or Laila

Majnoon or Zulaikha

Zainab or Fatima

I am utterly unsure

maybe I am a glimpse of love

in human form

if that’s true

then I’ll be happy

if that’s all I am

if love would consider

a worthy reflection

then I’ll be happy

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