The Dove & Spider

Zhannul Hamaama wa zhannul ‘ankaboota ‘alaa

Khayril bariyyati lam tansuj wa lam taHumi

They thought no dove hovered and no spider spun any web

For him, the Best of Creation—thinking its vacancy

I am reminded

of the spider and the dove

the twin duo

who served the most beloved

both enchanted by your beauty

offered all that they had

she a woven web

she two eggs

to protect the unworthy

from glances upon thee

as you silently remained

in the cave

with the friend

in whose lap

your head lay

peace be upon


upon you

peace be upon those

who gaze upon you

upon those who spin

their web in ecstasy

upon those who birth

in love through Ishq

all for thee

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