Archive | November 2021


breach was necessary

to purge the unnecessary

clearing grey matter

as all matters matter

to bring us closer

to essential unity

the only matter

Questioning Lotalty

you prematurely

questioned her loyalty

forgetting she is a Hussaini

who knows not to love

but loyally

to whom

he confirmed

this quality

she’s baffled

she would rather be a nun

than a foolish one

who falls for mirage

after mirage

one after THE one

Hafiz Speaks

Opium of freedom

Hafiz speaks

I’m delirious of the gravity

of words in words

Feeling into his Kalaam

I am feeling into the caged bird

Of the soul

Desiring the same opium

I want these wings to set me free

To let me be

The bird desiring it’s very nature

The purpose of its existence

Soaring over a desert oasis

Lush green fields

Skimming snowy mountain peaks

Tasting the fresh snow fall

This bird continues

To dance in the winds of grace

Embracing the sun’s rays

Over oceans

Observing this beautiful reflection

She continues to fly

Until love commands

A halt

You’ve arrived

At your destiny

and there I found

an exact reflection of me

To Sway To Swere

sufism / Ihsan recognizes

the fallibility of humans

as this is our very nature

to err, to forget

to sway, to swerve

only to return

back to our centre

the core of our being

the qibla, our heart


illa layla

spiritual excellence

is what

the Sufi aspires

not perfection

as only Hu is


the lover is a seeker

of beauty

beauty is sought in all

essence is beauty

form is beauty

why differentiate

where essence

is beautiful

form is seen as divine

making love eternal

Best of Me

to work on myself

means to return back to myself

An ongoing effort

In the presence of love

you are love hence

I am guaranteed a return

Yet I desire to be my optimal

Me to a better degree

For her to see

The best of me

So I chose to work

On me

Wrecked by Love

at your arrival

you basically wrecked

everything and everyone

in my life


are not only a heart breaker

but a home breaker

how ironic

I still chose you

above all

Simply Love

all you did was

simply love

your association

was enough

to bring forth

spontaneous healing

beyond time and space

as the associate is not

herself anyways

all you did was

simply love