Refugee of the Heart

I came to you

out of all

as a refugee

needing shelter

you asked me

for my passport

I’ll look through my bags

but I must admit

I never had one

I came to you

as a refugee

seeking peace

you asked me

what language I spoke

the refugee sat

and pondered

about her state of heart


as ever

feeling unheard

by all but

that heart

which listens

so graciously


lesson less listening

and decided

to migrate to

the land called love

who loves her


seeking refuge

in a land called


albeit foolishly

it wasn’t about

right or wrong

what if


or why not

how about if she came just

to be heard

knowing full well

she was never right

or wrong


she was interested

in that land

who accepted her

foolish story

that’s all

so when we take in

the refugee

how about

we avoid

lesson extraction




and told you so

how about


placing a hand

on her heart

While she places

a hand on yours

Silently embodying

You are safe with me

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