Shut The Door

any form of

energetic desecration

became a means of

heart diversion

moving away

a drifting

a space

you summoned

in lieu of unity

worse than formication

or if you may infidelity

if the book says

go not near adultery

why would you dare

not shut the door

and draw curtains

to all


for infidelity

by heart

more grave

than a mere body part

your eyes and heart

reserved for your beloved

why permit intruders

old flames

and heart thieves


those bored with life

and love

why place the heart

in unwanted situations

why enter a forest fire

when Laila already burns

for you

why lie to your heart

unless you are still seeking

unless you’ve resigned yourself

to a life of a connoisseur

an avid taste tester

with a palate for variety

unless you’re curious

like the cat who died

I would gladly bury

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