Cause of Rebellion

the cause of my rebellion

is not out of spite

do’s or don’ts

wrong or right

morals or values

or to cause you pain

or your displeasure

nor to make them happy

or cause us to fight

control reminds me of

the initial cause of my rebellion

when she was judged

for being her

just because

she evolves

never to remain the same

no shame in this game

of ongoing evolution

this was my original sin

so she donned masks

many hats

instead of the front door

her way became discreet

like an occultist

she became the new elite

back door

a rebel

a living hypocrite

a rule breaker

to many a heretic

an ideological threat

the artist emerged

in fight or flight mode

to save her from

all but her

she finds home

in her uniqueness

what hinders expression

is not home

she resists

adamant to persist

only to subsist

in her essence

can you not feel

her need for expression

to make a point

to vocalize

to express aversion

to pirates of the way

art is my fight

art is our way

my light

my only right

i belong to love

chained to your love

without a doubt

yet my soul gives

birth to my soul

in varied hues

in varied facets

in a million ways

of creative expression

this became the rule

my gateway

my Jesus

she is art

as so you are

this is true

she masks herself eternally

from those who frown

shun and scorn

never again to access

gain privy

into her unknown

was it about validation

a need to creatively express

a desire for attention

to heal her inner child

a mark of her imperfection

rather a necessary assertion

from constructs


societal perversions

your perception valid

you are a guide

i submit

i abide

by rules of love

governing love by love

i have nothing to hide

she is ready to explore

adjust edit and discard

anything alluding to

none but us

none but us

expression her phoenix

Buraq her ascension

to heal clipped wings

to discard old paradigms

ugly ideologies

that tainted her spirit

for years at end

suffocating her heart

as if no end to this end

like an avatar

art arrived

to heal trauma

found in form

in unhealed emotions

her safe space

her hope to escape

from tyranny

from misery

from control

from judging eyes

who failed to

understand her essence

who discard heart

causing this depart

yet if love too mandates

do’s and don’ts


impure intentions

she submits

to love’s contention

beloved one

best she

resorts to

stillness and silence

to be purified

for the cause of her

own seduction

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