Generosity or Cowardice

has love caused them to leave

to depart from your heart

is this generosity or cowardice

to leave what you love

without bloodshed

a dry sword

a lack of chivalry

to leave what you love

just because

love stormed in

perhaps you deserve


perhaps this fire

would eventually burn

all inhabitants

so you fled

to save yourself

to avoid witnessing

a grand martyrdom

is this nobility

at its peak

to let your love be

to pack your bags

and leave

mournfully or gleefully

is the grass greener

only time will tell

how about the heart

thrown in the well

stealing your heart’s heart

causing ruination

perchance a soul salvation

a love manifestation

a collective ascension

this culprit

this thief

whose existence

is sin personified

desired no harm

to you or them

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