Pre Adamic Reality

since we all admit

through experience

that love is not





purely sensorial

one dimensional

we agreed.

like weavers

women of the rug






we stream

our soul

through loops

and worm holes

from solids

like liquids

In fractal patterns

lights and lanterns

portals and parallel realms

a multi dimensional labyrinth

carrying the moon and the sun

in our being

all is found

earth and water

air to ether

our breath fire

we weave desire

into matter

rooted in

our consciousness

our Edenic home

absent of Adam

not even his clone

permitted near this throne

do we agree.

where heaven

and hell reside

we abide

riding love tides

low and high

then why do we

not chose to be

love every moment

dissolving like solvent

in the oceanic resolvent

bringing life to our life

summoning all elements

within our magnificence

every moment bliss

pure cosmic tapestry

we chose not mediocrity

we chose chance

so to be enchanted

in a heliocentric

dance trance

Ra step aside

the queen has arrived

we whirl in ecstasy

encircling her majesty

we bow to her light

as a mark of remembrance

to her Pre Adamic reality

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