No Love Like Yours Zainab

I feel dead yet I feel alive 
only by one thing in this world
that your love is real 
that our love is real
ya Zainab  
that I’ve never had been loved 
the way you love 
and my heart cries 
my eyes are shedding tears
yet wasted as we are not
able to wipe each others tears

in trying to understand love
we are told to read books
listen to  wise ones
experts and coaches
lest we forget
our lessons through 
the words tears 
sighs and breath 
of our heart’s beloved 
are more than enough
the lesson is the beloved
why do you turn to 
reels to tell you how to feel
do’s and don’ts of false ideals
love is not a one size fits all deal
burn all those lies
and listen see and be
with your most beloved 
speak and cry 
that is where all the 
lessons lie 
stop allowing 
everyone but the beloved 
tell you
how you are loved 
how you should be loved
what is and isn’t love  
what makes you  beloved  
just stop and surrender 
to this love
as your beloved is helpless
trying to fit into molds
and versions that are not her 
nor ever will be
will you receive her love 
as she 
all that she can give 
or be 
or expect those experts 
to dictate 
tell you how when and why
a heads up 
she’ll lose 
against the armies 
of pros 
who mean nothing 
in comparison to 
her love for you

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