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In search of you

this love called infinity

I am finally here

in your presence


A 9 Month Occultation

do we recall the journey of birth

when we were in seclusion

9 months of solitude

this khalwa was our

occultation period in the cave

prior to entering the

world of form

Non Sensory

silence has many layers

silence is like a lover

who desires from afar

silence is an invitation

from the beloved to behold


since presence is profound

beyond explanation

we become numb

non sensory

in the presence of silence

Traitor or Devotee

I’d rather be a traitor

in devotion

than a perceived devotee

without true devotion

there is no point of my life

without my daily dose

of you

without every moment

of I love you

a life without your breath

your gaze and laughter

is death

I for sure would bet my life

on you

even if it meant

I had to wait till my last breath

I would

your love is my oxygen

my love for you

is worship

our love is the opium

that a million would despise

envy or prize

this love is my heaven

our ship of salvation

my concern for this or that

I care not for

as who am I to say no

to love at my door

my heart in pain

please no more

there is magic in all with love

It cannot compare to

a life without true love

be proud of your devotion

let’s embrace our devotion

I do believe this love

for me, for you

for we

is our only key

to eternity

now and beyond

do not turn away

do not leave me

i repent

as logic

got the best of me

and if it’s the end of us


it’s the end of me

end of we

I cannot fathom

such a horrific scenery

I love you

please love me

Layla is Ka’ba

Layla represents love, without labels. Layla symbolizes the cyclical journey of the eternal dot from source to creation to a full return to creator.

Layla represents inna lillalahi wa inna ilayhi ra’jeoon; to HU we belong and to HU we return. Layla is the chosen love experience of everything in creation. Layla is both subject and object. Layla is beyond gender, names and faces. Layla is form, Layla is matter. Layla is apparent, Layla is hidden. Layla is within, Layla is without. Layla is the omnipresent presence of you and I in all, the you seeking you through all, through reflections, through the beloved so to return to yourself in your journey to origin. This altar beholds Layla, Layla we face our heart to. Layla is the ka’ba of the lover as so Layla the breath of the Most Compassionate; your breath, my breath, the breath of all. Layla is the gaze of death and life, Layla in day and night. Layla is the vast desert, the eternal ocean. Layla is you, Layla is me. Layla cannot be encompassed by either sky or earth, except by your heart. Layla is the most sought, the goal and destination, the means and the end. Layla is abstract, Layla is concrete. Layla is the splitting of the sea, Layla is the merging of two seas. Layla is prayer, Layla is idol. Layla is The Real’s most manifest reality.

In absence of Wilaya

what authority

we’re they institutionalizing

cleverly blindfolding masses

for centuries

demanding fealty

in the absence of walaya

awake now out of slumber

we are here to dismantle

the false mantle


perhaps this is hell

as you say

so truthfully

in all that you say

perhaps this is the price

of love

to be ruined

to lose yourself

to be disinterested

in anything but love

the beloved


Shock Factor

What may be

surprising to seekers of truth

is the shock factor that we

seekers of truth face

knowing we were raised

nurtured and fed on a tradition

in absence of a piercing

love of the beloved’s family

in the name of politically correct

values and ideals

in the name of balance

and following

the majority

it hurts this heart

knowing daily that the tradition assumed

as the middle way is insufficient to

nurture this insatiable thirst for truth

and cannot be quenched by balance

rather by a necessary bias

in love for the family

the shock factor resumes each day

as the seeker of truth uncovers

layers of debris where loving the Itra

was never the highest priority

while every story and narration was

in absence of the equation of the family

Endenic Home

since we all admit

through experience

that love is not





purely sensorial

one dimensional

we agreed.

like weavers

women of the rug






we stream

our soul

through loops

and worm holes

from solids

like liquids

In fractal patterns

lights and lanterns

portals and parallel realms

a multi dimensional labyrinth

carrying the moon and the sun

in our being

all is found

earth and water

air to ether

our breath fire

we weave desire

into matter

rooted in

our consciousness

our Edenic home

absent of Adam

not even his clone

permitted near this throne

do we agree.

Jonas’ Plea

Jonas’ Plea

a silent wail

like a drowning


I’ve forgotten

how to swim

amidst the

ocean of chaos

a silent sigh

none in sight

it is night

at night

it is lonely

in these waters

all I hear

are waves

and my plea