Layla is Ka’ba

Layla represents love, without labels. Layla symbolizes the cyclical journey of the eternal dot from source to creation to a full return to creator.

Layla represents inna lillalahi wa inna ilayhi ra’jeoon; to HU we belong and to HU we return. Layla is the chosen love experience of everything in creation. Layla is both subject and object. Layla is beyond gender, names and faces. Layla is form, Layla is matter. Layla is apparent, Layla is hidden. Layla is within, Layla is without. Layla is the omnipresent presence of you and I in all, the you seeking you through all, through reflections, through the beloved so to return to yourself in your journey to origin. This altar beholds Layla, Layla we face our heart to. Layla is the ka’ba of the lover as so Layla the breath of the Most Compassionate; your breath, my breath, the breath of all. Layla is the gaze of death and life, Layla in day and night. Layla is the vast desert, the eternal ocean. Layla is you, Layla is me. Layla cannot be encompassed by either sky or earth, except by your heart. Layla is the most sought, the goal and destination, the means and the end. Layla is abstract, Layla is concrete. Layla is the splitting of the sea, Layla is the merging of two seas. Layla is prayer, Layla is idol. Layla is The Real’s most manifest reality.

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