Traitor or Devotee

I’d rather be a traitor

in devotion

than a perceived devotee

without true devotion

there is no point of my life

without my daily dose

of you

without every moment

of I love you

a life without your breath

your gaze and laughter

is death

I for sure would bet my life

on you

even if it meant

I had to wait till my last breath

I would

your love is my oxygen

my love for you

is worship

our love is the opium

that a million would despise

envy or prize

this love is my heaven

our ship of salvation

my concern for this or that

I care not for

as who am I to say no

to love at my door

my heart in pain

please no more

there is magic in all with love

It cannot compare to

a life without true love

be proud of your devotion

let’s embrace our devotion

I do believe this love

for me, for you

for we

is our only key

to eternity

now and beyond

do not turn away

do not leave me

i repent

as logic

got the best of me

and if it’s the end of us


it’s the end of me

end of we

I cannot fathom

such a horrific scenery

I love you

please love me

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