Abolish Your Idols

what meant sir

the most hidden akhfa

sir al sir

was the secret between us

no boundaries between us

we are one

I grant none privy

to our secret

to this secret

Gabriel’s ascent

escorted the beloved

beyond the lote tree

none privy

to the secret most holy

how dare one assumes

to release this mystery

macrocosmic between M H M D

microcosmic this secret between us

what’s the difference beloved

what’s the difference


pure silence

just you and I

we were a glimpse

into the world of mystery

where secrecy is mandatory

for those who wish to unveil

the mystery

take leave

with Gabriel

he shall escort your descent

while others ascend

like a divine play

all that we are



in role play

bring not your codes

of do’s and don’ts

into this arena

as scripture too

shall play her role

of mute awareness

abolish your idols

of the values you worship

for Love is Love

both book and prophet

take my sandals

for I am impure

perchance they be a witness

of my greatest secret

I ask to be veiled

even here

incase you see me not

incase you feel me not

incase you finally realize

this secret of us

is but you with you

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