Baab Al Fatima

ya ahl al Madina

your voices exude

the sweetest notes

like music to one’s heart

Fatima found her master

prior to a temporal depart

at Hamza the noble martyr

a servant of Nuh

effaced in his ark

safinatul najaat

the nightingale of Madina

sultan hamid’s couplets

he sings like none

drunk in his praise

a majestic aura

could he be

the one I asked for

she ponders shyly

seeking discipleship

submits herself


those nightly vigils

in Madda’s presence

awaiting eagerly

for midnight’s chime

forgetting her slippers

a cinderella crime

she enters Uhud’s grounds

as disheveled as can be

may her secret be preserved

by the one we fancy

oblivious to the world

she enters the lovers realm

a courtyard of heavenly hymns

a world unseen


‏ta ha

ya seen

alone with the alone



that one last look

we hold back tears

daughters of time

may we meet


at baab al Fatima

where all that is given


graciously anointed

upon the appointed

is received

by her grace

peace be upon

Mustafa and

the aal of Fatima

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