I Was a Hidden Treasure

I want you to know

I am in purgatory

not here

not hereafter



not alive

I can’t smile

I pretend

I breathe

I mask

for a living

I eat for survival

no desire in cuisine

attire I loved

beauty I adored

all means nothing

without you

I breathe only to do

now keeps me subsisting

I wish to live in memories

but I would go mad

future without action

leads me to gloom

dark rooms

I am a living dead

I was a hidden treasure

and wished to be seen

I no longer am seen


you longer can see me

you no longer can hear me

I have no reason to show myself

as finally I did to you

I’ve shown you all of me

every shade of my soul

you decided

unless all now

no more!

no more this dance

I am dead

a living corpse

museum friendly

preserved mummy

a modern day miracle

all is dying day by day

as I wake up without

your love

not even in words

as that path is forbidden

soon no good nights

I know you’ll move on

with those babes smiles

and sweet cries

in his arms

while I fade

in the desert dunes

a shadow soon

I turn to dust

fading and forgotten

I evaporate

my forbidden scent

for those who love

me eternally

no more us

as you want all

and as I am not all now

we can’t be

so I am broken

once again

thank you guest

for i actually thought

you would remain

wrong once again

the path way empty

a solo sojourner

walks a step daily

towards this grave

only to find

it occupied by me

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