Only a Hussaini Suffices Me

some claim virtue

high morals

a pure heart


righteous than thou

forgot not your past

of hedonism and sainthood

if you knew your heart’s reality

you wouldn’t claim anything

you’d never judge anyone

apples and oranges compare not

this love you know not

your overnight piety

a need for justice

did you forget last night

and the morning after

be mindful of tomorrow

you may walk gracefully

this very moment

mocking the one

who limps for love



all that was hidden

came forth

when she uttered

her heart was ripped off

and played by a player

by a borderline fraudulent

silence is her reply

we will see on that Day

who is fraud and who is loyal

boasting your love

belittling a layla

you rejected her offerings

love cannot last

where ingratitude reigns

know that destiny

and fate require

action and justice

but claim not

high morals

in pursuit of love

no scripture

neither rosary or prayer

helped any lover

no meaning of

hell or heaven

in absence of love

by any means necessary

love commanded

so I followed

who said the ride was over

who said it’s time to sleep

who said the sun has set

who said never

who said anything

just remember

your leaving was your choice

marked by impatience

in the name of morality

predefined ideals of how


how not to love

worship now at your

all time favorite


the same who you deserted

all for

and perhaps her weakness

inability to slaughter

caused you to turn your back

it’s okay

love is generous

even if she is slain

by her lover

as maybe that is all

the role of this love was

to return you back to the

one who you actually love

who takes you repeatedly

by means of insecurity from guides

after guides

fana in the guide

is not for all

would anyone know what it means

to stay or go

finally in the arms of the honorable

innocent ones

praise the lord


love is happy

when you’re at peace

but this sinful

immoral one

found love

by breaking every law

she warned all prospects

come not near

my fire you cannot bear

watch me watch you fade

I am deadly

only a husaaini

suffices me

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