Trust in the Perfect One

like a childish heart

your tantrums demanded

full attention

a love so pure

yet equally selfish

that no other child

dares a share


or even wait

like sibling rivalry

I want you

all for me

the innocent heart


like a mouth full of cavities

you demanded more candy

the store is yours

this heart you’ve stolen

why mourn

you’ve done check mate

can you just wait

till the dentist

tells us

these candies

are safe

can you trust

the physician

can you trust

the one

who made your heart

so sweet

the one who creates

Is perfect

the one who is privy to all

is perfect

why not trust

in the most perfect one

Is it apathy

by not doing

is it apathy by not causing

blood shed

is it not love

to be still

albeit a tsunami

is it apathy to

just let matters unfold


Is it apathy to immorally


paradise on earth

while believing in an afterlife

I ask love to guide me

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