Circus Life

love taught me

the life of circus men

I trained with tigers

tamed lions

slept with elephants

balanced on

trapezes so high

I danced with fire

summer saluted in the wind

walked over water

escaped many a time

yet love found me

over and over again

enslaved to this mad

circus called life

chained to love

I became a prisoner

a failed fugitive

I wanted no more

I wanted a home

I wanted all animals to be set free

magic was my favorite escape

I learned to do great tricks

watching the master herself

I learned the art of being all but me

I found subjects to join me

I impressed Houdini

I met with I dream of genie

attached I became to

animals and a backstage crew

applauds and encores

I grew fond

yet equally empty

my training from childhood

in circus captivity

I learned how to

be a clown

a magician

a dancer

the living climax of illusion

I became a mystery

I learned the art of juggling

all this training

reminds me of


to be versatile


to experience pain

to detach


to be chained

to balance with poise

to wake up early

to sleep modestly

to put on a show

to share my talents

so hearts could smile

so children would laugh

all I really wanted

was that lopsided

two seater bike

a tent

and my partner in crime

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