Soul Cries

have you ever heard a soul-cry

from the deepest wound

the darkest recess of your being

akin to the sudden news of

the death

of your child

or your mother dies

last night you desired to say

I love you

and saved it for tomorrow

tomorrow never came

the child died

in her mother’s arms

the mother died out of pain

you witness this

your heart screams

out of the blue

amidst work

without notice

or a clue

you wail


these soul cries

you witness

while raindrops

drizzle from dry eyes

a sudden halt

pin drop silence

returning from unity

to duality

your work resumes

once again

you’ll witness

daunting howls

from within

in due time

I ask me to

save me fro me

rescue me from all

I desire

none but you

none but you

illall ant


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