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Dear Soul

dear soul

I just need to figure

out how to live in my heart

mind and body

dear soul

you are my captain

my driver

my guide

I don’t blame you

I am here because of


dear soul

With or Without Breath

your breath

is a threat

to my existence

to my subsistence

either with or


i die.

Note: breath work in tantric healing is the elixir and essentially brings you to constant dhikr/ presence/ hu/hayy

Guilt Trip

if you live life guilt tripping

yourself about loving too much

and not loving enough

loving fairly

or unfairly


this is not

how to live

live for love

who your heart loves


Love Transmitters

In my heart’s prayer

I ask to be chained

to you

I desire my heart

to be chained

to you

I desire my words

my every gaze

to be chained to you

I desire my being

to be chained to you


I see you as home

I love you

I want nothing else

I desire none else

I want my heart to be chained

to you

I’ll wait forever

even if never

I want to love you

like no one else

do you accept

my request

do you accept my heart’s


this is a need

not a want

this love is essential to my


I don’t desire to give


or be loved other than

the way you love

your love

I desire to be chained to

Infidelity begins with your heart

Infidelity begins with your heart

making you energetically open

worshipping all but Ahad

loving all but Ahad

I am that guide

who sets the bar high

Loyalty or none

Glance here or there

be gone

Go worship

All but one

All but one

That one guide

That one love

La ilaha illa layla

Know layla is layla

only to layla

A majnun is not

Layla to Layla

infidelity the moment

stones and pebbles

we’re slightly desired

you never were then

layla for layla

in your quest for layla

You desecrated your claim

With glances and smiles

A harmless touch

your poetic lies

infidelity began

when you desired

a fragrance called variety

Blue Summer Skies

as children

we used to pick

flower petals

revealing if she

loves me loves me not

yellow buttercups

would determine

our destiny

skipping rope

double rope

how many kids we’d have

how foolish

how innocent

unaware of love’s pleasure

her cruelty

blue summer skies

the scent of grass

a first love

would perfume spring

colored leaves made

high with piles

where only the daring

take the plunge

snow angels

we sought magic

finally reality dawns

meeting the mirror

being set free

from the shackles of

doubt in the world of misery

just us beneath the stars

we count days

as nights pass

many moon

how afar



longing never died

you arrived

my heart set free

like the young child

who giggled carelessly

love has a condition

once you decide

who’s love you are

who is layla

who is beloved

you are forever

enslaved in love

how naive we are

thinking love should be free




limited to ideals

I am forever chained

my misery no bounds

masked in smiles

until I

sojourn loyally with me

I submit to love in Prostration

prayer is meant to make

a monogamist lover

do you understand how crucial

it for us to be reminded

not every sunday or sabbath

yet five times in a day

i bend forward

to the light in you

to all of you

i love you as you are

no need for us

to bend backwards

this love is healthy

i submit to love

in prostration


i sit still in presence

with my beloved

when i stand

my gaze downcast

i seek our glance

waking me out of slumber

my index arises

i bear testimony

to love

our sacred love

this one love

lest my attention diverts

from my sun

i am reminded by the caller

come to thy beloved

this prayer is home

Ya Bint Fatima

I’m drunk

on your luminous love

It is true

what the mystics say

In your face

I see the Maker

neither moon

or sun

compare to

your beauty

I am dumbfounded


by the greatest



Salvation by Love

the cause of guilt


the cause of bliss


the cause of your heart’s sin


the cause of your worship


the cause of your longing


the cause of your dance


the cause of your reed’s lament


the cause of your poetry


the cause of your silence


the cause of your disloyalty


the cause of your devotion


she is heaven

she is hell

she is damnation

she is salvation

she is your sunrise

she is your sunset

she is the moon

reflecting your glory

your love for


is your love for


she is divine

she is mortal

she brings you to the shores

in her presence you drown

why do you let guilt

eat your heart

when you know

life with or without her

is real as death and life

if annihilation is your destiny

why then question this irony