A Note to the Heart


moaning and

complaining about love

what was done

what wasn’t

what you did

what she failed

your mental health

the back you bent

the limbs you broke

your time and breath

stolen from the other

friends no more

the time you spent

months on end

counting days

your life in shatters

your heart in tatters

the times you cried

your sleepless nights

your daily sighs

how many lies

we tell tall tales

to hide these truths

in essence our veil

she needs not

tell all

to prove this


a true fairy tale

the rosary you hold

your remembrance

alchemizes hearts to gold

for love’s sake

stop counting

lose yourself to eternal praise

what is there to regret

how many lovers love

live in despair

separated from a beloved

stranded upon shores

exiled to an island

deprived sustenance

yet thrived

as love is food and drink

if love is sought

pain is the way

tell me




how many are fortunate to

have found the one

the vessel of the heart

where yin yang


where fire reigns

in the silence of longing

yet counting beads

will do no good

is there anything

we failed to express

or left unuttered

has the ink well too dried

in your blurred mind’s eye

is your resilience too tired

to bear this pain

when mirrors co join

to express the secret

unlike unrequited love

this is magical


love already chose love

if you fail to know

this very secret

I consider you blind

have you forgotten

so soon

upon the arrival

of an admirer

how you withdraw

with clogged chakras

yet long for Leila

lovers are never apart

who are we bluffing

you’ve given all

is your claim

yet love demands

your head

love desires

you to be slain

oh beloved who boasts

your beloved prides in

your love

love bathes in your light

her greatest delight

is this love

stop counting

seeking counsel

from those

who never drowned

who adhere to logic

define and defile

La ila ha Illa Laila


listen to me

come closer

as long as you exist

forget not we persist

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