Dharma My A’dhan

when i forgot myself

I Became oblivious to purpose

finding myself

my highest self

I find my calling

the doing and being

this very moment

is where I need to be

so I utter labbaik

this is my Adhan

the dharmic call

To submit to the moment

daughters and sons of time

immersed in worship

through do and be

be and do

this is life

without this knowing

how would I hear my muadhin

how would I act upon

this call

without boundaries

if I let all sounds in

all visitors in

please take a seat

and wait so I may serve you

with ihsan

on your turn

recall Abraham

his call

all takes care of itself

albeit in the heat of a barren


a babe cries

a fountain gushes forth

Hajar’s exlempary sacrifice

in canons of history

The house is made

For. Eternity

For eternal remembrance

and had the winds swept

over hearts

perhaps we would have

no Mecca Becca

perhaps no foundation

to build the holy kaba

Verily boundaries were


Against forces of resistance

Hence the pelting at jamarat

these no’s necessary

for the greater good

hence you’ll be ok when I leave

Hence we will survive

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