Blue Summer Skies

as children

we used to pick

flower petals

revealing if she

loves me loves me not

yellow buttercups

would determine

our destiny

skipping rope

double rope

how many kids we’d have

how foolish

how innocent

unaware of love’s pleasure

her cruelty

blue summer skies

the scent of grass

a first love

would perfume spring

colored leaves made

high with piles

where only the daring

take the plunge

snow angels

we sought magic

finally reality dawns

meeting the mirror

being set free

from the shackles of

doubt in the world of misery

just us beneath the stars

we count days

as nights pass

many moon

how afar



longing never died

you arrived

my heart set free

like the young child

who giggled carelessly

love has a condition

once you decide

who’s love you are

who is layla

who is beloved

you are forever

enslaved in love

how naive we are

thinking love should be free




limited to ideals

I am forever chained

my misery no bounds

masked in smiles

until I

sojourn loyally with me

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