I’ve taken many to hell

doomed I am

I’ve torn the pages

of all scriptures

every sacred vow

I desecrated

that too in the

name of love

how arrogant

how adamant I am

to love recklessly

whilst still claiming

devotion to religion

inclusive of tradition

prophet and law

you would swear I follow

Mind you

My reality

a heretic hypocrite

guised as a guide

Beware of my stare

rather my snare

I’ve broken the law

a million times

polluting prohibition

By vile criticism

lifting every ban

with self authority

and blood legitimacy

abolishing the

mulla mad men’s

do’s and don’ts

trust me

guard your heart

your faith and life

from my poison

I’ve taken many to hell

removing all hope

from salvation

yet why

I ask why


do you come

on your knees

seeking redemption

from this one

I warn you of my poison

yet you still

claim you see



desiring annihilation

even after my declaration

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