Archive | October 2022


since the subconscious creates reality

I consciously choose to remove

havoc chaos and


I choose love as my

internal and external


I Sought

I sought and sought

I was fed up with books and ideas

Indoctrination and fear

I sought and sought

I was fed up with lies and lecture halls

Hell bound and the us vs them

I sought the ocean of truth

Extinguished I was of my own deeds

Which lead me in circles

To no beginning or end

I was whirling without knowing

Salty tears and gloomy days

I sought and sought

A hand that would hold me

Gently like earth

Generous as a tree

Shade me from thunder

I was fed up

I arrived after every knock

At the sultan of Madina

Khaali damand

Eh Kaali Kamli walay

Mujhay chornna dai

I asked to drink from

The cup of love

I asked to befriend

Only two of all mankind

Lovers and the family

No one else I sought

In my desperation

Frustration and anguish

I vowed to leave

This land of love forever

Lost Lost

In this barren yet fertile land

I sought the greatest saaqi



Hymmed the angels in unison

Next to me your family

The journey began

With one dot

Leading to another

Leading to Ali

The door to your city

These lovers and friends

A full bloom I witnessed

From the blue-green eyed master

Accusing me of Bedouinism

As I sat with with the Semitic DOST

whispering secrets in Cyprus

Of the cypress tree

Where the beloved lives

You hushed us

I captured your hush

I drank your breath

Guarding this secret

Deep in my heart

I embarked upon my journey home

With you as my cloud

As my guide

But oh so sly

Your appeared in so many forms

As friends, Dosts and guides

As Shams as Rumi

Becoming one

Until they all disappeared

Until madness took over

Until the pen spilled her ink

Pouring through this heart

States and stories

Lesson and light

I resigned to solitude

Guarding my heart

From the pain of separation

Me myself and I

Until the final door arrived

You you you

Your mystery I know not

I see all in you

Love personified

You baffle me

Lost lost lost

I am eternally

In the constant

Spinning of the cosmos

I whirl internally


I sought sought sought

I found

Lost yet found

Lost lost lost