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What Would Jesus and Muhammad (As) Do

may our lives wealth

children and parents

be sacrificed for you

oh beloved.

how many times does

love utter these words

yet empty and devoid

of reality

of action less life

the wayfarer the homeless

the traveler and the beloved

are one

the knock of Layla

is the knock of God

do you ask for her to

remove her sandals

is she like all

perhaps now you’ve proven

who is who

is there an entry fee

or do you ignore the knock

it’s cold outside

you go back to sleep

her bags are too weighty

for those laminate floors

what would Jesus

or Mohammed do

Fatima gives the last bread

to the knock of Layla

lulling her children to sleep

without food

hungry and thirsty

ya Hussain

how absorbed in ourself

we worry about candles


the ideal scenario

the perfect birth

the perfect home

the perfect time

while no use was Layla

all these poems -why

as now she arrives

when the time is nigh

to hear your sigh

to wipe tears dry

she awaits in the cold

while you sleep on

organic cotton and wool

with a holy one

whose words are all

the scripture and code

If Jesus had children

i would run to them

seeking their grace

for his love

no different than his


how do you claim

love for Muhammad

when you see his child

not as your own

as long as duality reigns

in your minds garden

between you

and all I am and my baggage

never shall we unite

nor shall we be granted

a holy union

the midwife and doula

a playlist and oils

more virtuous

than the three wise men

in the guise of Fatima

she comes

by the power of Hamsa

by the grace of the five

her hand is holy

as so her eyes

she delivers and dresses

women and babes

giving life to the dead

you know what I mean

was myrrh

gold and frankincense

more worthy

than Fatima

whose milk alone

millions would die

to have their offspring

be nursed by

making her mother

by virtue of suckle

what use was Jesus

church or chapel

teary psalms

on hard wooden benches

love devoid of

sacrifice in action

we wonder

if your home

your feelings

your comfort and privacy

more worthy than the beggar

whom the wise say is God

what use were all these poems when Layla stands outside in the cold

she shivers

while you bake bread

what use were all these claims

when now it was time to

show what you’ll stand for

die for be brave for

as long as your comfort

your I

means more than the beloved


all this wayfaring

all this love and pennings

were none but a hoax

a deception of the selfish self


pay it forward

you call her coward

a liar

then refuse to see

none but her

so called glory

like the phoenix

she will rise from

her own ashes

finally free of duality

lies cowardice

and her vices

call her out

as much as you feel

she is real

now before

and tomorrow

watch her spread

her wings to fly into

the blazing sun

with you

so to

burn to ash

once again

so to rise

Secrets Untold

love’s demands are akin

to walking on shattered


you’re bound to bleed

so cry at your fate

this very moment

as you’ll cry tomorrow anyways

through the incurable pain of today

if you or I come out alive

albeit dead this

very moment

none but us know this lie

we are bound to die

so cry and lament

wail and beat your chest

I’ll throw my veil

to prove my plight

like Zainab

in separation and death

from her beloved Hussayn

are we destined this

poisonous drink

Yahweh Yahweh

Ram Ram

ya Allah

in longing

in yearning

in the circus play

of pretending


conspiring this

grand getaway

like con artists

partners in crime

karma will jail us

as long as we are


I am home

while Zulaikha cries

Yusuf prays

Jacob sighs

Solomon and Sheba

Rumi with his Mevlana

how many stories

of mad lovers

how many tears

feed the ocean

how many secrets untold

of union


Love Caused The Pain

she became mute questioning love’s cruelty who tied her in chains as a prisoner of love love caused the love love caused the pain love selfishly relished to watch her heart bleed desiring her to herself

the prisoner pleaded saying all is but you

in all I saw you

so why this jealousy love mocked her saying I want you

all to myself

it gives me pleasure

to watch your heart tend to victims I send causing two hearts

to separate and break

as I partake

for Layla’s sake

how cruel she replied but why oh why

love replied

your heart is my prey

I am the predator

why would I share a pure heart so sweet

with anyone else but myself

Pain is Poison

lovers beware

for you to last

for your hearts

to not drift or depart

die or eternally sigh

be not sarcastic

or ridicule your beloved

as pain is poison

from beloved to beloved

Savior and Spirit

there is a class of lovers

neither mala or breath

salah or scripture

rescuated them

only love

only a layla

as savior and spirit

as creed and condition


Love is Here to Stay

dear love,

my mind infected

by a dis-ease called love

every curfew I broke

the law became salt

a pinch rather

i signed contracts

of do’s and don’ts

Kaba’ my witness

even Al madina

i fight for love

they made me


I’ll never stray

or so they say

love burned every deal

into flames

and grey ash

thrown into an ocean

only to evaporate

then reappear as rain

declaring i as her ideal

her prized meal

i became prey

love the predator

who leads me astray

as per those who know not.

every promise of

never to see

nor dare to talk

i was too clever

outsmarted all

family feuds over my actions

meetings and a higher counsel

of wise men and scholars

they all knew

i was a goner

the moment they saw me

yet uttered not

to keep the peace

claimants labeled me obsessed

putting to stake the institute

called I do

little ones subliminally


of a noble heart

a mad womb-an

or Mother Earth I say

I am one

I am unable to not shade

to deny the hungry

and thirsty

a traveler seeking counsel

was it my fault

hearts melted

at a simple sigh or gesture

blame me not

a few left

while most stayed

admiring the view from

a window pane

i was guarded

in house arrest

a love criminal I am

one not to detest

every where she goes

she creates turmoil

or starts a fire

an inadvertent seductress

sorry my jaan

i am what I am

resorting to caves

in solitude

I wrote to keep away

so not to stray

to hearts of saints

i fell for

from infecting hearts

from love spells in talks

minding my business

i taught like a nerd

and wrote like a hermit

love snuck into my room

once again

making me house poor and

proving my hypocrisy

a bandit I am

in fancy robes

yet believers flock

as if a savior was found

why follow a mad woman

a mad woman I declare

be with the pious the stable

the Shaikhs of The Way

rejecting my offers

we are here to stay

we are here to stay

love glanced and then whispered

i am this time

here to stay


We observe ourself

are we what we write

are we simply observer

disassociated with the subject

can we see the writer as a character

in our own play


this allows me to freely


when I am