Love is Here to Stay

dear love,

my mind infected

by a dis-ease called love

every curfew I broke

the law became salt

a pinch rather

i signed contracts

of do’s and don’ts

Kaba’ my witness

even Al madina

i fight for love

they made me


I’ll never stray

or so they say

love burned every deal

into flames

and grey ash

thrown into an ocean

only to evaporate

then reappear as rain

declaring i as her ideal

her prized meal

i became prey

love the predator

who leads me astray

as per those who know not.

every promise of

never to see

nor dare to talk

i was too clever

outsmarted all

family feuds over my actions

meetings and a higher counsel

of wise men and scholars

they all knew

i was a goner

the moment they saw me

yet uttered not

to keep the peace

claimants labeled me obsessed

putting to stake the institute

called I do

little ones subliminally


of a noble heart

a mad womb-an

or Mother Earth I say

I am one

I am unable to not shade

to deny the hungry

and thirsty

a traveler seeking counsel

was it my fault

hearts melted

at a simple sigh or gesture

blame me not

a few left

while most stayed

admiring the view from

a window pane

i was guarded

in house arrest

a love criminal I am

one not to detest

every where she goes

she creates turmoil

or starts a fire

an inadvertent seductress

sorry my jaan

i am what I am

resorting to caves

in solitude

I wrote to keep away

so not to stray

to hearts of saints

i fell for

from infecting hearts

from love spells in talks

minding my business

i taught like a nerd

and wrote like a hermit

love snuck into my room

once again

making me house poor and

proving my hypocrisy

a bandit I am

in fancy robes

yet believers flock

as if a savior was found

why follow a mad woman

a mad woman I declare

be with the pious the stable

the Shaikhs of The Way

rejecting my offers

we are here to stay

we are here to stay

love glanced and then whispered

i am this time

here to stay


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