Midnight Mass

i want to go to midnight mass

i want to join anyone who remembers

remembrance helps me remember

i want to re remember Jesus

as hazret Rumi said

we must give birth to the Jesus


i want to hear hyms in his praise

joy indeed to the world

the savior has come

let us rejoice within

i desire for his navy robe

to grace me once again

i desire to hear his voice

i desire to see his luminous


his handsome locks

that bashful smile

perhaps in the gatherings past midnight

pure Mary’s spirit descends

unveiling her Nur

to those who remember

by virtue of remembrance

our hearts awaken from slumber

when sleigh bells sweep

across the sky

with twelve mighty avatars

stars as silver some as gold

Bethlehem rejoices

he has arrived!

the tiny babe

in a manger will speak

to the world

he is a sign

reminding us

I am AbdAllah

who brings the book

a prophet raised

so to return

with my twin

Al Muntazar

we shall establish

a heavenly kingdom

for all to rejoice


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