may our lives be sacrificed

our children wealth and parents

how generous was Fatima

lulling her children

whilst giving her last meal

to the beggar

those who gave the goat head

to the next, next and next

only to return once again

ana hadhir

how may I serve you

the guest is God

all mine is yours

muhajir and ansaar

master and disciple

giver and receiver

we take lessons

on how to be

how to do and live

those who were entrusted

Al Amin


we carry to birth

to give to serve

your children are not yours

says Gibran

a trust we all have

so to be given

shared in all forms

Oh the Generous One

i am not the owner

of anything

Al Ghani


generous are those who

fulfill the trust

knowing what was given

was meant to be shared

plenty are the enteral

treasures for all

enough there is to go around

a million times more

the Eternal’s stores

have no limit

abundance is endless

why do we withhold

The Replenisher is responsible

to fill the trays

we serve

as mere servants

of the Most High

why then do we assume

what we serve

as our very own


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