Summoned by the Cube


by the Cube

on a full moon effulgence 

to pay homage to her grandson

a disheveled arrival 

at the feet of Jalal and Qadir

taking refuge in an ancient chain 

a pledge witnessed Al Mujtaba

by order of Al Muntazir

This crucification

A resurrection  

Death to life

Life to death

I desired to access your being

so I studied your words

they revealed what your lips failed to convey

As Moses upon Tur, I seek not presence

rather your words 

through what You revealed 

upon tablets and parchment 

This revelation as love letters to every beloved apparent and secret

I desired to access your beloved

So I studied her words


On the Eve of Your Arrival

night of power

angels descend

on the eve of your arrival 

in awe of this resplendence 

I bow emulating palms

as teasing clouds 

we seek your shade

light upon light

shadowless being

Master of all men

whirling in trance 

a ceremonial dance

your fragrance enchants

celebrating Meem 

we seek Al Qadar

my mantra is you

a lofty love letter

surpassing all scriptures



Gabriel’s delight

Hira’s pride 

a final scripture was summoned

a superb love letter

In the presence of light

I became shadow

light transmuted darkness 

I bow to your being

sickness satiated 

camouflaged among the mystics and masses

aware of 

unseen became apparent


Al Qadar disappeared 

you appeared 

eternally you

primordial Light

A Dotted Destiny

I’ve penned my pages

soaring through ages 

meeting with sages

transforming fantasy 

documenting alchemy 

in a land called Fatimi 

a dotted destiny

. you and me

screened back to WE

as iconic subjectivity

of bloodlines and monarchy

embracing one reality;

Nur Muhammadi

The cosmos shifted 

Hijaz uplifted

demanding attention

subjugating retention

resisting false notion

of fallen stars 

cosmos afar

life on Mars

melancholic mystics

handwoven heretics

Persian semantics

Arabian nations

now pay attention 

to the moons of Banu Hashem 

preparing a forthcoming

for the King of Men

By the commencement of the dot

By the stroke of a brush

By the glance of a beloved 

By the love in this heart

By the desire envisioned by mind

I change the course of history

by this very power of Be and it is.

My Imam Our Imam


Maqtal Imam Hussain 

My Imam, Our Imam: Hussain

Howling winds of a desert sky

Pin drop silence, I hear children cry

In a thirsty camp, Zainab’s sigh

My Hussain  Our Hussain

My Hussain Our Hussain

An eerie silence of sorrowful stars

Screeching winds heard afar

Resounding hooves rupture stillness

Plagued savages of metaphysical illness

Panting breaths of a desolate landscape

Ruqqiah clings to Rabab’s ravished cape

Seventy two heartbeats drum in unison

My Hussain Our Hussain

My Hussain Our Hussain

Every grain witnesses pain

Tigris and Kufa weep in shame

Skies shed tears of crimson rain

Abbas’ limbs dismembered and slain

Water for enfants his sole aim

His flag has risen so to remain

All in worship, not questioning why

Heads bowed to Him, The Most High

Tomorrow our destiny to valiantly die

Yazid’s triumph, a colossal lie

An constant chorus resounds our hearts

My Hussain Our Hussain

My Hussain Our Hussain

Night descends, loyalists huddle

Dimmed lanterns, an empty suckle

Aal e Muhammad’s dauntless struggle 

Baby Asghar, Ismail’s pride

Shahr Banu, an enviable bride

Sajjad son of royal homogeny

Saviour to Hussain’s illustrious progeny

Devotional prayers

The Imam leads

Sukayna witnessess her heart pleads

Abba, may I join you- I your steed

On the Eve of Ashura

As witnessed by Aal Tatheera

Hur with the forty initially forceful

Guilt and shame repenting remorseful 

Accede to submission

Mawla Janem forgive us of omission 

Consciousness sharpened to finest precision 

Awakend humanity a Divine decision

Men and Women of unattainable glory

Karbala etched as an epic grand story

History stained with Hassan’s Hussain

My Hussain Our Hussain

My Hussain Our Hussain

Sunset pursued by a sacred sermon

Lights dimmed buzzing meditative hymns

Fifty four devotees upon unswerving limbs

Eighteen members from Banu Hashim

A mark of unrivalled chivalry

Eternally dissolvied misery

Echoing Labbaik all for His sake

Love we claim never to forsake

This life but one

For you Janem 

A thousand and one a thousand and one!

Tears of hunger to desperate cries

Reverberating aloud a million sighs

A bloodied baby 

retuned to his mother

Joining the ranks

Of his elder brother

Father cry not as you meet with this fate

We await you with Haider at heaven’s gate

In ecstasy you fought like The Lion of God

Assisted by Habib and the Zulfiqaar

Al Zahra lamented with every arrow

My son whose death brings me sorrow

This last breath a victorious tomorrow

Your death is humanity’s forgotten victory

Inked in history you are truth’s legacy

You shifted the cosmos forever eternally.


The Beloved’s Arrival

Arrival of the Beloved


Dead of the night

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream

My heart screams

I hold back


Collecting and beyond brim

Dry tears

Forming droplets

Of rose water and musk

Trickle gently

Dampen my pillow

A river bed

I sail the deep ocean

Of rose petals in sand

Damasks and Taifi

A subtle fragrance allures my spirit

These eyes frozen in time

A thin layer of ice

Mummifies my being

Ya Wadud

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream


My inner conviction

Shatters an evil eye omen

Breaking the Alaskan spell

Borealis lights

Emit from my heart

Melting this ice

Vapor and dew

Folick joyfully

Melancholic moans

I hear Jonah

The nightingale sings

Wolves howl at the sterling disc

I glare through the glass ceiling

A cosmic waltz

A starry night

Van Gogh’s delight

A lover’s Astrolabe

Where Ishq and sorrow


I stare at deflated stars

A colorless moon

Privy to my confusion

Bewildered am I

In pursuit of childlike footprints

Chasing the Sacred Sandala

Clouds resembling camphor and amber

My children once played with






Hymning axioms drenched in love

A Genghis curse

Pillaged my heart

Set my books ablaze

This Mongol attack

Iraq laments

History repeats

Ya Zainab

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream

A gentle glow

It is Nur Ahmad

Through rubble and ash

Encrypted passwords

I enter like Hayder

In your false Khyber

Ya Ali Mawla

An army of forty lovers

In defense

To retrieve

My children

Held in hostage

You feed them


                                     Parched lips


                                          Bellies swell

                       My children


These pages and words

My fingerprints

A piece of my heart


I  S E E K   Y O U


My spirit embossed on papyrus

Inked in crimson

Tints of Azurite

Ripped apart

Trampled upon

Letters scattered

Words recede

In attempt to reclaim

What they stole

Oh Fatima

Your garden

Fadaq violated

Madina laments

History repeats

Oh Blessed Green Dome

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream



I yearn in secret

For my loved ones

These children of light

Utterances from Zulaikha’s Divaan

My words


Day sets in

                I distract myself in

                                                Mundane toil

             Complaints dissipate


In search for you through this world and beyond

Amnesia prevails

Lingers in the deep forest

Beneath my locks


You’re in my thoughts


Evading Khidr’s territory

Where fairies and berries

Green men make merry

Every passerby a mirage of MEEM

An unfathomable meeting

For this unworthy writer

A grand fairy tale

Recalling Joseph

I make dhikr of Yaqub

These tears collect in that well

As proof for Kawther

On the promised Day


I believe in you


A world unseen

Alif Laam Meem

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream

Rosy sky

Dusk arrives

My children

Have you returned?

Not a footprint in sight

Light descends

These offspring arrive

A scroll presented

By a heavenly scribe

Angels proclaim:

Arise for the Sultan

The Beloved shall visit

The house of his grandchild

For it is time to anoint

This space she calls home

In dedication to the Holy Household;

Paragons of Truth

Her patron and guide;

Sayyeda Zainab

A messenger appears

I come from Rub Al Khali

I a slave to Zahra and the 13 comrades

We heard about you

Through bedouins and royals

The palms of Arabia and the Sea that cries blood

Your poems and art

But mostly your heart

Have caught our attention

Against the tide you uphold our flag



In that we delight!

                                In this Land of Love

Arabia seduced

Monarchs rejoice

With goblets of Shiraaz

Primitive scholars utter in dismay

Beating their chest:

Wa Wayla, Oh Ahle Karbala! Wa Wayla!

Heretical idolatry of do’s and don’ts


We forgot the essence

We forgot you


But you oh daughter

Of al Al Askari and Jilani

Shall be interceded for

By order of Baab ul Ilm

Your request has been granted

We bring to you relics as a Trust

And a witness

Glad tidings to you

For the sake of his ‘itra

Your service in their way

May that be accepted

By Batool and her Aal

For the coming of Mahdi

Gifts shall arrive

Blessings to all

From treasures aloof

A phenomenal protocol

A grand entourage

Ya Al Amin

Rose water

Cambodian oud

A shower of rose petals

Softer than satin


Trumpeteers beckon the select and elect

A Royal Diwan summoning

Shah e Madina is coming!

Silken gowns for all guests in presence

The finest linen the eye has seen

Wine prepared

From Khayyam’s cellar

A majestic sufra with Taiba Tamar and honeyed haleeb

Munshideen commissioned by the Ministry of David

Who sing not but Mustafa’s praise

Hijazi dancers

Najdi swordsmen

Mevlevi whirlers

Tuareg drummers

Qawwals of Hind

Women of Dhamaal

Cloaked Monks

Guilders and Poets

Thinkers and Mystics

Men of metaphysics

313 from the Army of Ishq

Destitutes and Monarchs

Lovers who weep in secret and open

Cave dwellers

Qalandars and Lords

Shall come forth

For this Grand Mawlid

A heavenly hadra

In the presence of Qubbatul Khadra

For the first time in history

Aal Saud and Aal Hashimi

Praising the Beloved in unison

A transfer of power, the day has arrived

A trust restored from Saud to Quraish

Keys, land and Haramain

All Shareefs rejoice

Ya Malak Salman

I’ve been waiting for years

I pledge my loyalty to both you and our family

May the heavens bear witness

For the love I claim

This day we witness

In honor of the 12th

Our daughter, this is your home

You are here to stay

Relish and delight!


My eyelids flash

Delusional with psychosis?

Is this for real?

A voice whispers

Imagination is the secret

Think Feel and Write

To manifest The Real

Pen Al Qalam with all your might

This is your right…

A trumpet is blown

Sallu Aalik wa aalihi

Assalamu Alaika Ya Habib al Rab Al ‘Alameen

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream


Dead of the night

I awaken in perspiration

Drowned in white musk

Panting for water

I beseech Abbas

Through Sakina’s thirst

Oh Saaqi, more!

Hajira forgotten

Isma’il smiles


The Ka’ba is You


Mawla Janam your essence!

Zahra your heart’s door


We seek your sight!


I ask

In wonder

What happened to my children

My breath, my heart, my intellect

My words; my children?

All is mirage

A figment of my illusory self

I have forgotten

All that I sought

By the redolence of this musk


Bedazzled by your faint glances

Your blessed palms

Your luminous feet I desire to kiss

Downcast- my gaze fixated

Bless me my Master

With your blessed Burda

Cleanse me my Master

With your Nur

Grace me my Master

With your sight

Include me my Master

In your list of ardent lovers

Forgive me my Master

For my neglect and ignorance

Purify me my Master

For my conscious sinning

Save me my Master

From Jaheem al Hatima

For the sake of Le Khamsatun

Surreal or fact

Ya Mustafa Irhamlana

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream


To Be Free of I

I want to drink from
The tree of life
to be free of I
to immerse in you
to be free of you
An annihilation in you
A full detachment of we
To rise above the chains of lawamma
to be free of the chatters of mind
a fusion of emptying and silencing
in the presence of mutaminna

I want to drink from Kausar
to be free of I
to immerse in Mustafa’s Nur
to be free of desire’s whispers
an annihilation in Hussainiya
a detachment of dunyawiya
To rise against every Yazeedi
to be free of nasibiyya
a fusion of submission like Sajjadiya
In the presence of Zainabiyya

I want to drink from Hayder’s Ocean
to be free of I
to immerse in his reality
to be free of sin’s insanity
an annihilation in Zahra’s Kausar
a subversion from distraction
to rise against tyranny
to be free of all oppression
a fusion of truth and justice
in the presence of Haramain

Deen Ast Hussain

Shah ast Hussain

Badshah ast Hussain

Deen ast Hussain

I am Hussain

I am Hussain

I am Hussain

I am the ruby

I am the sulphur

I am the Mohammedi

I am Mohammed

I am the reed

I am the flute

I am Ashiq

I am Mashooq

I am Laila

I am Majnu

I am Yaqub

I am Yusuf

I am the ocean

I am the  water

I am the clouds

I am the rain

I am the firmament

I am the sky

I am the tree

I am the shade

I am lover

I am beloved

I am Fatima

I am Ali

I am the gazer

I am the gazed

I am Isa

I am Hallaj

I am the one

I am like none

I am the blood

I am the veins

I am the apparent

I am the hidden

I am Abraham

I am Ismail

I am the drum

I am the beat

I am the breath

I am the oxygen

I am Kausar

I am Zamam

I am air

I am wind

I am the desert

I am the sand

I am the moth

I am the flame

I am earth

I am land

I am Haqq

i am Hu

I am the fire

I am the blaze

I am Hussain ibn Ali

I am the messenger to humanity

I am the paradigm

I am the shift

I am Truth

I am reality

I am ying

I am yang

I am black

I am white

I am the spirit

I am the soul

I am the cosmos

I am the planets

I am the river

I am the sea

I am the grapes

I am the wine

I am the goblet

I am the cup

I am the trustee

I am the trust

I am Ameen

I am Amana

I am the hunter

I am the hunted

I am the gate

I am the door

I am the noor

I am the light

I am Wali

I am Khaleel

I am Mahboob

I am Habib

I am the wind

I am the air

I am the mirror

I am the reflection

I am the light

I am the rays

I am the pen

I am the ink

I am the book

I am the chapter

I am eternal

I am infinite

I am the first

I am the last

I am the dhikr

I am the zakir

I am the durood

I am the wird

I am the letter

I am the message

I am the elected

I am the selected

I am the field

I am the meadow

I am shahid

I am mashood

I am shaheed

I am maqtal

I am the rose

I am the petal

I am the fragrance

I am the aroma

I am dew

I am vapor

I am the stars

I am the star

I am the sword

I am the blade

I am nothing

I am everything

I am the flag

I am the standard

I am the mountain

I am the peak

I am the diamond

I am the carrot

I am the secret

I am the essence

I am sulphur

I am zephyr

I am the green

I am the chlorophyl

I am the books

I am the pages

I am the olive

I am the branch

I am the dove

I am peace

I am the yearning

I am the yearned

I am Medina

I am Madani

I am Quboori

I am Jannatul Baaqi

I am the path

I am the way

I am the lantern

I am the niche

I am the eye

I am the tear

I am fana

I am faani

I am the one

I have no thani

I am Quraishi

I am Hashimi

I am death

I am life

I am inspiration

I am revelation

I am the leader

I am the chieftain

I am history

I am future

I am the poem

I am the couplet

I am the word

I am the letter

I am Ishq

I am love

I am the legend

I am the story

I am the honey

I am the comb

I am the sun

I am the moon

I am Kaaf Ha Ya Ain Saad

I am Ha Meem

I am Saadiq

I am Ameen

I am Hamid

I am Mahmood

I am the adhaan

I am the takbir

I am layl

I am nahaar

I am muhajir

I am ansaar

I am Mumin

I am Muslim

I am hayyy

I am mayit

I am the miracle

I am the sign

I am the sunrise

I am the sunset

I am the past

I am the present

I am the lantern

I am the niche

I am the wick

I am the flame

I am the seeker

I am the sought

I am Makki

I am Madani

I am Karbalai

I am Ghadeeri

I am ard

I am turab

I am heaven

I am earth

I am faqr e Ali

I am qalb e Batool

I am the yameen

I am the right

I am Shabbir

I am muttaqi

I am Isawi

I am Mussawi

I am fathe e Ali

I am zulfiqaari

I am tatheer

I am tahir

I am Hamd e Ahmad

I am Dhikr e Mawla

I am Zahra’s rose

I am saif e Ali

I am the oyster

I am the pearl

I am the qhadim

I am makhdoom

I am the son of the lion

I am the son of Batool

I am Hassani

I am Abbasi

I am Zainab

Zainab is me

Shah ast Hussain

Badshah ast Hussain

Deen ast Hussain

I am Ameer

I am Amir

I am Mawlawi

I am Mawla

I am Ateeqi

I am Muqaddasi

I am teeni

I am maai

I am the avenger

I am the avenged

I am Sayyid

I am Imam

I am the Sajjad’s knight

I am Sakina’s armour

I am jaan e Tahira

I am jisme Asad

I am Luft

I am Lateef

I am taareeq

I am tariq

I am the target

I am the bullseye

I am the waqiah

I am the qissah

I am salli ala

I am barik ala

I am Kufi

I am Najafi

I am Hijazi

I am Harami

I am hub

I am habib

I am the sickness

I am the cure

I am the cleanser

I am the pure

I am uloom

I am ilm

I am Alawi

I am Jafari

I am aqeeqi

I am feyrozi

I am the caller

I am the called

I am faseehi

I am kaleemi

I am adab

I am muadab

I am ihsaan

I am zaki

I am magribi

I am mashriqi

I am shimaali

I am junoobi

I am majnooni

I am junooni

I am hal min nasr

I am mansoori

I am labbaik

I am Allahuma

I am the drunk

I am the drink

I am the bow

I am the arrow

I am the 5th

I am the 3rd

I am the 10th

I am the one and zero

I am Shabaani

I am Muharrami

I am flesh

I am bones

I am ashaab

I am sahib

I am alone

I am together

I am akmal

I am kamil

I am murshid

I am peer

I am talib

I am matloob

I am Abu Talibi

I am aba Abdillahi

I am musharraf

I am shareef

I am Mahdi

I am Hadi

I am sawm

I am saim

I am khazanatuha

I am sakina taboot

I am everest

I am the summit

I am the son of the first

I am the father of the last

I am the Quran

I am the message

I am Hussain

I am Hussain

I am Hussain

Shah ast Hussain

Badshah ast Hussain

Deen ast Hussain