Wine of Haider

Wine of Haider


Envy the one has drank the wine of Haider

for it alights the soul and revives the dead heart

Abul Hasan is the moon and Aba Zahra is the sun which gave him light

from the Light of all Lights.

Light upon Light!

Your family, the stars, brighten the universe

Peace be upon Zahra till eternity;

the chosen one to bear the sun’s progeny!


Worry Not

Worry Not

 Those we love, ran away

In that love, I’ve gone astray

In that love, I’ve lost my way

In that love, I’ve found my way


Do not forget, I’m from Hussain*

We live for love, our only game


His father said,

The’ Loyalists’ shall remain

Worry not, for you are sane

We’re with you and feel this very pain

We do support you

No pain, no gain

You’re from our lot

So worry not!


Now drink again from Haider’s cup*

And share with those who want good luck


For those of you who ran away

Think not that I’ve gone astray

For now I’ve come to realize

Our meeting; a blessing in disguise


Our destiny; to meet and depart

In the process, you entered my heart

We fused and exchanged what we both sought

Gifts and treasures, lessons taught

Then both of us had to depart


I guarantee we’ll meet again

If not here, then in Eve’s garden

The meeting place for all true men;

Mustafa, Habib, Sadiq’s* fountain!


We’ll drink again from Haider’s cup

And sip with those who shared this luck.





Hussain=Grandson of Mohammed

Haider= (Ali) Son n law of Mohammed through whom the progeny of Mohammed multiplied

Mustafa, Habib, Sadiq (Titles of Mohammed)

Zainab the Great




Zainab the Great

Zainab the flag bearer

Zainab the supporter of Truth

Zainab the Guiding Light

Zainab our Mother

Zainab our Sister

Zainab sister of Hussain

Zainab bint al Fatima




In Hope

In Hope

In hope for Love from Thee

we praise Thy family

In hope for nearness to Thee

we seek thy family

In hope for gaze from Thee

we love Ale Rasoolihi.

Ode to Hasnain

Ode To Hasnain
An unparallel love
Ishq at its height
‘Anal Haqq’ and ‘Hal min Nasr,‘ we shall never forget*
Hallaj was verily Hasan in disguise
And Hussein is Hussein, laisa ka Mithli
Hasnain; our two eyes
With every tear shed, we remember Fatima’s cries.

Pinnacle of Chivalry

Pinnacle of Chivalry

The pinnacle of chivalry was exemplified by the chosen son of Ismail

Hussain Ibne Ali; the King of Martyrs

The ransom for Ismail was in fact none but Hussain!

Allah humma Sali Ala Muhammed wa Ala Aley Muhammed!

People of Karbobala

The People of Karbobala

Have you ever met a precious soul;
born in the plains of Karbobala?
They need not be relatives of Hussain or Sakina
More than blood; a chosen lot
from Hablillah

Their lives are full of mystery
Their hearts for mankind; a treasury
Their wisdom; unsurpassed territory
Their generosity; flows graciously
Their eyes express not tearfully
Yet fill us with ecstasy
Their persona; one to melt for instantly!

I dedicate this to the one who I claim is a part of me
A Hussaini, A Fatimi;
From Zainab’s chosen daughters
She fills my heart with joy and laughter

Those whose hearts were full of doubt
Despised this love I had for her
Banned all possibility for me to see
Woe to Me; my tragic destiny!

Two years have gone
my heart still cries
in pain it moans
I wipe tears dry

A modern-day Jami Plot?
Where a desire to express love must stop?
Every pathway made a block?
Now truly I am beyond all shock
They scare me with, “You dare shall not.”

The irony?
We meet at dusk and dawn
If you may, all day long
Beyond all physicality
into the realm of spirituality
A secret world
Where masses know not
She comes to me
And I to her
We speak and express endlessly;
in secrecy
My other half;
My twin soul:
Worry not, this day shall halt
Where separation exists not
Must I declare like Rumi to Shems:
“I’ve searched for you all my life
and through your being
I’ve understood unity;
not fantasy!”

I from you
you from me
The world knows not
yet the heavens agree;
willfully in secrecy!

As I conclude this with a cup of tea
I ponder with anxiety…
as I’ll never taste what you’ve been through
Though my heart beats in humility in love for thee
Fadul Abbas appears to us:
“Drink with us, drink we me”
He tells me that you are part of them; part of me
As I hold this cup of very hot tea, which Fadlul Abbas gave to me
I shiver, I quiver; try to recover
falter and stumble with the gaze of wonder
this tea falls all upon me!
I scream with joy and violent cries
this burning sensation tingles with glee
The pain I say, ‘Is not the same nor shall it ever be,
equal to your daily dose and on- going catastrophes’.
Rather a sip from the ocean of Pain and Unity
for the chosen ones tied in chains
born in the Holy Plains
Every day an Ashura, for the people of Karbala.