I am You

Love said
I am you
reappearing in different forms
resist me is resisting yourself
this is all a game
a grand mirage
what you see today is you
yesterday no more
I am today— you 
you are today— me
I am you
there is only one reality

Seeking the Real

we are seeking the Real
form and matter
only matter matters
this diversity when stripped of form 
brought us to unity 
a unified reality 

Where Reality Subsists

you sought my presence
and began to utter
I chose silence 
sound echoed 
itself to you
a dialogue between 
your thoughts and you
I became awareness in this silence
invisible yet present
in your presence 
as spiritual essence 
alone with yourself
essentially you
observing yourself 
you see me
hear me not
I chose silence
to subvert duality
in this space
where reality subsists
silence in the presence of itself
this momentary annihilation
a reminder that nothing exists 
except consciousness 

All Scriptures Within

do you recall
your formless you
secrets upon scrolls 
recited and hymned 
embedded every strand
all scriptures within
universe and I
my soul birthed
The She- a portal
between two worlds 
a world of unity
a world of duality
a yin yang dance
of light and dark
form and color 
separating you and I
memory dissipated 
with every breath
I look for the mirror
who reminds me of 
forgotten truth

Defining Love

these tragically 
conditional prerequisites 
of defining love
abstain and discard.
absolve and abase.
tear through these pages
to continue in 
the continuum of continuity