You Told me About Love

You have a natural tendency to stand out wherever you appear

and while standing out 

I realized it wasn’t you 

only your light

which shines so bright

You told me about love

You told me about me

about we 

that place in absence of I 

Disassociate as Giver 

We are simply sharing gifts

that are given

It was given

to be given

more shall be given

to those who keep giving 

Summoned by the Cube


by the Cube

on a full moon effulgence 

to pay homage to her grandson

a disheveled arrival 

at the feet of Jalal and Qadir

taking refuge in an ancient chain 

a pledge witnessed Al Mujtaba

by order of Al Muntazir

This crucification

A resurrection  

Death to life

Life to death

I desired to access your being

so I studied your words

they revealed what your lips failed to convey

As Moses upon Tur, I seek not presence

rather your words 

through what You revealed 

upon tablets and parchment 

This revelation as love letters to every beloved apparent and secret

I desired to access your beloved

So I studied her words

Essence, My Concern


my concern

not your form, or even name

this awareness time eternal

a language beyond words

transmission without sound

this love unconditional 

an affinity without association 

a friendship like no other 

a fraternity without a lodge

an invisible matrix

light work beyond borders

a spiritual collective

Love is The Law

the Guide seeks you

come as you are

A Magnificent Unveiling 

Our independence 

became dependent 

in totality 


to reflect one other

deciphering patterns

when randomness failed

a language unveiled 

where words betrayed 

a magnificent unveiling 

these pages silenced 

your absence in equation

nothing revealed 

my being depends

upon our existence 

I seek reflection 

in every moment 

where breaths exchange

I inhale only to exhale 


I Bow to Light

I bow to every saint within the Saint

To every Prophet traversing through 

MHMD to Adam


                                        David, Moses, Jesus 

to the last Adam 

I bow to the infallibles and noble ones 

who lead me to my Master Leigh-lord

his light spent in immersion 

breath within breath


Oneness -in-Oneness

I begin this bow with Ba

                                          Ism Allah 

the dot beneath the ب

Meeting this shadow 

who embraced me like none

inconceivably unconditional 

a lover’s haven 

every cell revived


that illusion of a last meeting

was in-fact a new beginning 

presence denied presence

no-body existed

shadow sought light 

light fused with light

tantric ensemble 

a cosmic dissolution

this is just the beginning 

light fused with light 

existence denied

I remembered we never existed

neither you or I

I remember from that meeting 

shadow was light

Light brings forth shadow

How blind was my sight

Meeting this light

bedazzled by the polarity

all that I repelled 

I love great intensity

you brought me to this state

I bow to this light

of Hu in you

seekers and lovers

seek the beloved

who resides in the unsuspected 

and most hidden ones 

Meeting my many shadows

I entered great valleys

the darkest of cellars 

sages awaited and discreetly hidden

acknowledging the reality

the lie of duality

living ignoring what I failed to embrace

in the presence of my shadows

I fell in love further 

of the years of neglect 

unaware of my reality

I embraced my flaws with 

gentle eyes and playful smiles

you taught me unconditionally

to love what you detest

as only love exists in the presence of love

I drank rejoicing an inner reunion 

where dark and light are only one

this illusion of shadows

a dance called mirage

attempt to sip the mirage of shadows

there you will find Union.

Not Two but One

Not Two but One

Rumi drank
Shems drank
Both began to whirl
gradual and steady
speed altered
Spinning until all that existed vanished
Rumi and Shems spun in ecstasy
Drunk in love
The sema carried on the night through
Dawn exposed their frantic state
Both fused
Now only one
One body
One soul
One heart
Not two but ONE

The Daring Moth

The Daring Moth


I’m the Moth

You’re the flame

I’ve kept a distance

Through refrain

Afraid to enter-due to shame

You’ve glanced at me many a-time

But now you stare

I’m in your care

For moments long

You’ve held my hand

To show me Light

I follow you day and night

This yearning for you has reached great heights

To kiss your hand an eternal delight

For all these years not a day went by

Where my inner eye did not cry

Now it too is utterly dry

The outer eye seeks your sight

Thus I shall kiss your hand;

The hand of Light


The clouds of doubt gently clear

The sun shines through

Your rays feel near

Grace me more so I may plunge

Like the daring moth who made the lunge!