You were so preoccupied

in preserving, serving


everyone else’s tablet

we noticed

your story remains


so we asked you to unfold

scribe your book

in letters of gold

scented with camphor

inked in enternia

retelling tales of old

ancient secrets

embedded in your

royal blue blood

transfuse me

through your telling

lessons of longing and love

wisdom foretelling

truths from within

to kith and kin

seekers and wanderers

humans and jinn

Shams And Rumi Within You

I kiss the ground upon which you whirl

I seek the sky upon which you gaze

you are both visible and invisible

Shams and Rumi within you

conjoining the sun and moon

you shine luminously

I bow to your light

Guised as Seeker

when the sought

understood the reality

of the seeker

as the teacher

then what more was there

to teach to the teacher

guised as a seeker

Lingering on the Surface

You are too deep to be known in one lifetime

I’m still lingering on the surface of you
I want to know you so well I become you

my concern
not your form

or even name
this awareness time eternal
a language beyond words
transmission without sound
this love unconditional 
an affinity without association 
a friendship like no other 
a fraternity without a lodge
an invisible matrix
light work beyond borders
a spiritual collective
Love is The Law
the Guide seeks you
come as you are

The Hidden Master

The hidden Master
Like the moon 
unveils herself occasionally 
watching over you
sight limited
The hidden Master
Like the Sun
gives you light
absorbing like the moon 
be not afraid of her light
forget not source
we are simply reflection
refracting light
as moons

Fatimid Light

The sea has split
all that was hidden
now evident as light
the further I run
the faster they come
unable to hide 
a reality resides
this storm subsides
authority granted 
Ya Sada was chanted 
to alleviate this plight
on the eve of last night
delegate to disseminate 
through this Fatimid light