A Falcon Arrived

I closed my eyes. and there you were. 
I asked my heart beat to slow down 
so perhaps I could listen to your voice.
it only increased

the ocean beckons
stars huddle
moon seeks her confidante
silence whispers silence
a great opening is yet to descend
the sun recedes
veiled by dreamy clouds 
a falcon arrived 
I seek her gaze

I Became Scherazade

The stories I told
Unfolded before you 
I became Scherazade.
telling these tales through 
every means possible 
I came to retell the story 
your smile familiar 
as if a silent witness to 
these stories
your spirit present 
you are not you
this presence overwhelming 
yet subtle and grounded 
those watchful eyes
witnessing souls
witnessing me
evolve and unfold 
a master is timeless 
when you completed my words
and turned my pages
as though this telling 
was only a retelling 
you simply wanted to hear 
what you already knew
sound healing
narrator silenced 
I became the listener
words no more
what to teach the ones 
who know
What to tell the ones
who are
silence became the word
the word no more. 

This Knowing Unexplainable

our connection
rooted in the unseen realm
requires no explanation 
crossing paths inevitable 
mere goodbyes trivial
communication subliminal 
this knowing unexplainable 

The Ocean of Dreams

the message
dissipated after its delivery 
message and messenger
disintegrated forming dew drops
dotting the window of your soul 
vapors absorbed by spirit
transmuted to tear drops
trickling steadily into 
the ocean of dreams
sun kissed 
moon gazed
Kim Fa Ya Koon
dream alchemization 
stars you behold
the staff of moses
at the heart’s threshold
logic halted

Engraved is Thy Name

I met the sun
her name was Shams 
she said enough
from my rays
it is time
to meet the moon
not one but many

by no fault of my own
you’ve etched my heart 
with your love
engraved is thy name
upon this chamber
leaving me no choice
but to remember thee