Breathing In You

Breathing in you. 

Breathing out you. 

Every breath..Hu.


You Told me About Love

You have a natural tendency to stand out wherever you appear

and while standing out 

I realized it wasn’t you 

only your light

which shines so bright

You told me about love

You told me about me

about we 

that place in absence of I 

Disassociate as Giver 

We are simply sharing gifts

that are given

It was given

to be given

more shall be given

to those who keep giving 

I Remembered When I Forgot

She is the moon

appearing in many forms

I praise her light 

I bow in submission 

captivated and enslaved 

to this magnificent light being

Oceans apart. I miss your heart. 

Breathe in the longing. There you’ll find me.

So you may stone me and find me standing there.

I wouldn’t even try to dodge nor retaliate.

I will just be. That’s all.

As I forgot who I was

I remembered 

emptying and refilling

absence beckoned presence 

seeing all as nothing 

nothingness as all

the dot became manifest 

as all became the dot

truth disappeared

in order to reappear

A Thousand Nights, A Thousand Months

Night of Power 

a thousand days 

a thousand nights

a thousands months

what difference does it make

I’ve waited all my life

I sought Qadr 

and found you

this transition from inception to physicality

awaiting its dawn

Illuminate me

I sought you 

night of power

angels descend

on the eve of your arrival 

in awe of this resplendence 

I bow emulating palms

as teasing clouds 

we seek your shade

light upon light

shadowless being

Master of all men

whirling in trance 

a ceremonial dance

your fragrance enchants

celebrating Meem 

we seek Al Qadar

my mantra is you

a lofty love letter

surpassing all scriptures



Alone I Desired to Gaze at Muhammad

Enamored by the light of Muhammad

I broke the law of Joseph

For every literal eye

I am sin, sinner and dammed

I swear for by the Lord of Love

I am Ashiqa and Mashooqa

No sin but to close that door

Alone I desired to gaze at Muhammad

The chosen one, The only one

Torn shirt,

I desired to glance at the mark of Nubuwwah

Sin became the deed

My story inked eternally in  sacred books

Rumors abound me

whispers of shame

the curse of Zulaikha

on every women who strayed

For love I volunteered


to be remembered

Eternally as a lover

I fill the pages of every black book

I a lover, unknown to all

except to those who drink this  wine

That Voice  Sings a Thousand and One Songs

That voice

sings a thousand and one songs

listen to it

as you listen to the reed

separated from source

it sings all day

and night

The nightingale has become dumb

as the moon seeks the sun

this burning heart seek thee

awaiting to eclipse  text d term drd txt sF

to catch a glimpse

the entire cosmos await this day

a dance of heaven and earth


That voice

sings a thousand and one songs


listen to the reed

separated by source

it yearns all day

and night

The ocean has silenced itself

whispers heard in every wave

by those who wait by the shore

awaiting to meet the Beloved

to drink a sip

while the blue skies made privy

the Sun peeks beyond the clouds

a silhouette upon the ocean of elegant palms

a dance of light and shadow

a shimmering Ocean of Love and longing

desiring itself through this reflection

of Ocean, sky and all that’s under.

Love Revolution

Love Revolution

Art is revelation
A Divine Inspiration
A heavenly calculation
From a heart’s incubation
To a palate’s salutation
An inner imitation
Dipped in the wine of palpatation
A canvas manipulation
A mystical hibernation
A Light manifestation
For the world; salvation
Hung for appreciation
Mesmerized in admiration
Glanced upon with flirtation
An intimate personification
This soul to brush fruition
We call Love -Revolution!