That Voice  Sings a Thousand and One Songs

That voice

sings a thousand and one songs

listen to it

as you listen to the reed

separated from source

it sings all day

and night

The nightingale has become dumb

as the moon seeks the sun

this burning heart seek thee

awaiting to eclipse  text d term drd txt sF

to catch a glimpse

the entire cosmos await this day

a dance of heaven and earth


That voice

sings a thousand and one songs


listen to the reed

separated by source

it yearns all day

and night

The ocean has silenced itself

whispers heard in every wave

by those who wait by the shore

awaiting to meet the Beloved

to drink a sip

while the blue skies made privy

the Sun peeks beyond the clouds

a silhouette upon the ocean of elegant palms

a dance of light and shadow

a shimmering Ocean of Love and longing

desiring itself through this reflection

of Ocean, sky and all that’s under.


Love Revolution

Love Revolution

Art is revelation
A Divine Inspiration
A heavenly calculation
From a heart’s incubation
To a palate’s salutation
An inner imitation
Dipped in the wine of palpatation
A canvas manipulation
A mystical hibernation
A Light manifestation
For the world; salvation
Hung for appreciation
Mesmerized in admiration
Glanced upon with flirtation
An intimate personification
This soul to brush fruition
We call Love -Revolution!

Oh Beloved One

Oh Beloved One

With every glance I see You

your reflection through all

I see not what is apparent but You, the reality behind all that exists

I try to look elsewhere, yet only to find You once more

Shall I utter that You are here, within and without, all around and everthing shines forth your Light?

Call me heretic, but my eyes lie not!

Call me a mushrik, but my heart lies not!

Call me a lunatic, yet I am insanely mad!

Call me as you wish, for my only wish -your Face!

Bulls-eye and Archer

Bulls-eye and Archer

The skill full archer sought its target

So many to choose from

He desired only this one

When his arrows were shot

Bull’s eye it was!


Arrows exhausted

Barrel empty

He retreats to the mighty fort

Head down

Downcast eyes

Heart dismayed


Suddenly, his name is sung in a heavenly melody

He turns back in utter delight

The target comes to life!

In the image of his beloved

‘My arrows hoped to reach your heart,

yet little did I imagine this to manifest,’ says he.

‘Well, my chosen one,’ she sings,

‘Did you not see my eyes through the same bulls-eye?’

‘Verily I sought you first,

You were my target.’

‘All these years my gaze of love was on you!’

‘Only now you’ve turned My way!’

A River named Love

A River Named Love


There is a river named Love

Upon its banks lovers reside

S e p a r a t e d and United by Love

All in love.


Desiring union they yearn daily

This river is food and drink

Their Fountain of Eternal Life

Lovers must unite!


‘How shall we reach our beloved’s gate?’

Frantic and mad they wail in haste:

“This mighty river has split one heart!”

Recalling Khidr’s auspicious advice;

‘One must take the leading plunge…’

‘The other shall mirror in unison’

‘Never again to depart’

‘Never again to say good bye’

Together in this river they delight.


United at last

Shackled by chains

Drifted by vicious currents

Into the Eternal Ocean of Love

Swim together upon the waves

Drink together the eternal drink

Drown together in eternal Love

Live together in eternal Light.

None but You

None but You


Every breath is You

Every thought is You

Every beat is You

Every moment is You

Every sound is You

Every sight is You

Every touch is You

Every taste is You

Every fragrance is You

None exists but YOU.

Cave Dwellers

Our Religion is Love

I was blindfolded without notice

Ushered into a cave

I tried to find the entrance

It disappeared!

Stone walls surround me

I search like a blind man

Hard rocky cold surface

Earthen floor

Low ceiling


I press against the walls

I stumble upon hidden doors

Secret passages



As I enter each one I find occupants already present;















Their Meditation

All engrossed in their works

All passionate

All full of love and light

We discuss and share

Speak in our own language

Exchange glances

Release the inner locks

Express our hearts

Share our works

Embrace and Depart


An invisible web

Where all reside

Where all work

Where all connect

Where all recognize

Where all comprehend

Where LOVE prevails

Where LOVE transcends every ideology and thought


It is our religion, our life, our breath

We are people of the Heart.